Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 event

Microsoft promised to reveal a number of big things on Tuesday and, despite the pre-event hype, the company actually delivered — big.

Most of the innovations were focused on hardware, making the event a particular treat for non-developer-centric industry onlookers and general consumers alike.

Surface Book

By far the biggest surprise of the day was the Surface Book, Microsoft’s first laptop, and it’s a beauty. Equipped with a detachable backlit keyboard, allowing you to use the laptop’s touchscreen like a tablet, the company claims that the device is up to two times faster than the MacBook Pro.

We have yet to run tests to prove or disprove those claims, but the fact that Microsoft was bold enough to even go there indicates that its confidence in its new mobile device is strong. Surface Book will be available on Oct. 26 for $1,499, and pre-orders are available on Oct. 7.

The new version of Microsoft’s tablet, the Surface Pro 4, is 50% lighter and 30% faster than the previous version. Along with the tablet Microsoft has included a stylus called the Surface Pen. The Surface Pen features 1,024 levels of pressure, a tail eraser and all-year battery life. The tablet that Microsoft claims can act as a replacement for your laptop will be available on Oct. 26.

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